Monday, 10 February 2014

Banana Pancakes

These pancakes are so sweet and delicious you would never guess that it has no flour or sugar and only takes 4 ingredients. Of course you can do with just two: Bananas and eggs, but I prefer a little cinnamon and baking soda in mine.

These are 'better for you' pancakes but I still wouldn't suggest going crazy and eating 20 of them. Bananas are high in fruit sugars and you don't want to load up on egg yolks either. Speaking of egg yolks, some say that they contain good cholesterols so it's okay to eat more. I some extent. I'll eat up to maybe 2 a day if I was hungry but I'll usually limit it to one. If I was trying to get my proteins from eggs, I would go for egg whites only because eating 8+ whole eggs to reach my protein goal for the meal is hardly healthy.

Banana Pancakes:
3 ripe bananas (or frozen)
3 eggs
1/2  tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon

I used frozen bananas and it worked out fine. A little on the liquidy side though. Stir everything together until well combined then start cooking!

The hardest part is flipping the pancakes. Because there is no flour, you really need to wait for the eggs to set fully before flipping. After several tries, I found the best way to cook them is to turn your heat to low and cover the pancakes for 10-12 minutes . The center should be puffed up before you could even consider flipping. Once flipped, all you need is 2 minutes on the other side to brown it up.

I wouldn't eat this on a daily basis although it's supposed to be "healthy" for you. This would be one of those clean cheat meals. I had a bite and it was so good that I automatically felt guilty for eating it. It's a great paleo  and gluten free option so give it a try!


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