Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blue and Pink / Chocolate and Vanilla Macarons

Instead of cake, I made these for my 23rd Birthday. I wanna say "damn I feel old" but I know it would probably offend a lot more people reading this. It has really been a week long celebration, especially with the May Long and all. I took the Friday off work and just wondered around downtown Toronto and chilled.

Saturday I spent the entire day baking these babies. To be honest, I haven't blogged in so long that I didn't know if I had it in me anymore...what if I don't remember how to bake anymore? or what if the last time I succeeded was just a stream of good luck.

So I set out cautiously this time, following my own recipe to the T. You know I used to be lazy with sifting the ingredients but this time I sifted and processed the icing sugar and almond flour twice at my home in Kingston (it was the "messier" part of the recipe).

This is a little off topic but: although my sister was the one to request the macarons in the first place, I'm forbidden from causing her any inconveniences by making a mess at her place in Toronto. I know, I totally lucked out with her as my sister. In fact, when I ordered her present (a waffle/omelette maker) from Amazon and had it delivered, I was so excited to get a call from her expecting something along the lines of "Thank you" or "awww I really like it". But nope, the first thing I heard from the other end was "What the F**K do I do with this? I don't even know how to make waffles". So I said she could return it if she didn't like it and hung up then proceeded to balling my eyes out. She sent a follow up message saying "actually, it's nice. At least I can make omelettes..."

Who am I kidding? I should be used to this by now right.

But when I look at these macarons I'm happy. They are so cute and in some way resemble me and Anna. Blue and Pink were our favorite colours; I painted my room pink while she did hers blue with clouds. Chocolate was always her favorite thing. She could eat a box of those Purdy's hedge hogs in 20 minutes.

I kept on having these mini freak outs while baking these. What if the mixture was too wet? what if I didn't let it dry enough. Despite all these worries, they turned out and they were the prettiest things ever :)

While making the chocolate ganache filling for the blue cookies, I came across the easiest way to make chocolate mousse. It's literally chocolate ganache (1/2 cream 1/2 chocolate) and you whip it in a stand mixer and it will expand and form a mousse. Excuse me while I'm giggling to myself for this brilliant discovery. It's probably been discovered before but all I've come across were the ones where you use gelatin or the one with eggs. I can eat the mousse by the spoonful; it's sinfully good.

They were a hit at the party and I've never been more proud. Nothing's better than getting compliments on your day's worth of hard work :) Now that I think I've got the hang of it, I might start making them more often.

I'll close with a photo from our birthday party. We really don't look that much alike anymore. Let me know if you can tell who's who!

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