Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chocolate Clusters

I'm not sure if you are familiar with "OMG's Chocolate clusters" that popped on the shelves of most Canadian grocery stores a while ago. I believe it was on Dragon's Den and damn... they are expensive. For a little pkg containing 135g, they charge a ridiculous amount of $5.29. I can probably make a half kilo of them for that much. Plus, it's more fun if you are making it yourself anyway right?

I've tried making them twice and found that if you temper the chocolate first, your life will be made much easier. Tempered chocolate takes seconds to harden whereas un-tempered takes hours. What you do is take 2/3 of your chocolate and melt it in the microwave. When it reaches 110 degrees, add in the rest of the chocolate and stir until they are melted. This will bring down the temperature of the chocolate. Microwave again on 10 sec intervals until the whole batch of chocolate reaches 87 degrees Fahrenheit. This starts the crystallizing process so that the chocolate hardens right away when dipped.

2 cups milk chocolate
1 1/2 cup crushed graham crackers
3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

add more graham crackers and coconut as needed to reach desired consistency.

After your chocolate has been tempered, add in your graham crackers and shredded coconut. I just take whole graham crackers and break it over the bowl of chocolate, no need to crush them before hand. Stir to combine all the ingredients. I like mine packed with graham crackers and coconut with just enough chocolate to hold them together. But it's your call how you like your clusters so if you prefer more chocolate then go for it.

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  1. Golden Graham's cereal is the trick