Friday, 14 September 2012

The "Enegizer" Juice

I started juicing last week and I'm really loving it. I've been reading up on it a lot lately and since there's an old juicer sitting in the back of my cabinet somewhere, why not.

My parents bought this juicer years ago, but you know how much kids loved their carrot juice...there was no chance. So then it was put away...long enough that I had forgotten we even had a juicer.

I saw some recipes floating on the internet but never thought much of it. It was not until the day we went to finish a business deal on a beverage franchise that it stuck with me. We were first offered ice creams while we were waiting for the inventory count. ME, being all health concious, asked if it was possible to have a drink instead. They agreed and I took my time going through their menu, eventually coming across this "freshly squeezed juices" section. They must have really hated me cause it took them 5 minutes to make the juice and 20 minutes to clean the juicer.

Anyways, I went home and got out my juicer that same night and started this habit or "trend".

There's nothing complicated about juicing. You put whatever you want in whatever amount you want into the juicer and its done in minutes. My favourite combination so far is apple, beets, celery, carrots, and ginger.

1 Lg Apple (Fuji)
2 med carrots
1 stalk celery
1 small beet or half a large one
1 nob of ginger

I know the picture above is kinda deceiving but I made 2 servings with that. There's really no science behind it so you can change up the amount however you want. I like having beets in mine cause without it the juice oxidises and turns brown. I brought it to class one day and I'm pretty sure I got some odd looks my way.


  1. I'm new to juicing... Do you have to remove the skin of the beet and ginger?

  2. nope! just wash them and throw it in. The juicer will remove all the skins and seeds :)