Saturday, 9 June 2012

Elgin Street Diner - A Review

I'm on a post-convocation grad trip with my parents, which is why I haven't been very active with the blog. Technically the trip is for my dad cause it's his first time being in Ontario/ The East. The plan is to make a big loop, hitting all the interesting cities on this side of Canada and the States. Kingston-Ottawa- Montreal- Quebec- Boston-NYC-Washington DC- Buffalo - St. Catharines - Toronto.

Of course this would be my chance to eat my way around these cities ( since my parents will be paying and all...). I've started the taste testing at Elgin Street Diner located at 374 Elgin street in Ottawa, Ontario. I saw it on "You Gotta Eat Here" and decided that I really wanted a gigantic plate of food: The Blue Plate.

Simply put, it's breakfast on steroids. Try not to have an heart attack with that amount of food. The blue  plate includes: 3 eggs, 3 sausages, bacon, ham, baked beans, and poutine instead of home fries. And since I'm here, why not put chili on my poutine as well!

In terms of taste, I don't think it's necessarily the best breakfast that I've had. The eggs were done perfectly though, I'll give them that. I don't like egg yolks so I judge by the whites. I like them fried until crispy, but not too oily as if they were cooked in an inch of oil.

The pictures above highlight some of the cool things they have on the menu. Apparently they have Ottawa's best poutine but I may have to think twice before agreeing with that statement. It's not the best I've had but the definitely better than the mass manufactured ones I've had at "Smoke's" . The fries are cut very thin and I thought they were a bit over cooked and dry. The chili was thick so it wasn't "ooey gooey" enough to be a great poutine. Nevertheless I finished everything on my plate and I would do it again.

My parents ordered the split pea soup and they said it was pretty good. I thought it was okay; it's hard to mess up a soup. 

The place is open 24 hours a day and I have a huge thing for places like that. It reminds me of an all-day breakfast place in Kingston called Tommy's. They have the best home fries.
Anyway, I do recommend all Ottawa visitors to give this place a try despite my reviews. You gotta eat here just for the outrageous portions, right?

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