Monday, 21 May 2012

Monster Burgers- Stuffed With Cheddar and Wrapped With Bacon

This is probably the most outrageous thing I've ever made and I'm sure glad I did. I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and it was the day before a BBQ get-together with a group of friends...what perfect timing! Somehow, when you combine all the fattiest things in the food category, you will end up with something disgustingly delicious, and will have all the boys cheering for you.

Three of us girls got together in the morning and made a bunch of them. We couldn't stop saying " ..god" during the entire process. They were humongous and I can bet a lot of money that each one of them is over 1000 calories. Sorry to those that are looking for a slimming recipes, not going to happen here.

So the idea is that you stuff the cheese in the center and then wrap the whole thing with bacon so it doesn't fall apart. The one I saw online requires a little mold to help shape the patty. I didn't have one so I just flattened the patty, placed the cheese in the middle, pulled up the meat from the sides to close it. I had to use extra meat on top to close because I never started with the right portion.

I'm pretty sure we've impressed all the boys at the BBQ and we truly believed that we would get marriage proposals. It didn't happen. But to be fair, it must have been pretty close. Anyways, I think it would be a great dinner idea to make for any man and they will be impressed... and maybe fall in love with you. You never know until you try! 

So I guess this is more of an idea/technique than it is a recipe, but I'll list the ingredients anyway.


1 kg of ground beef
2 medium onions diced
2 lbs bacon
salt and pepper

Soften the onions in a skillet until they become translucent. Combine all the ingredients, except for the bacon and cheese, and mix just until the onions are well distributed. Don't over mix or you will end up with tough burgers!

I guess the easier way of doing this is to sandwich a piece of cheese between 2 flattened patties. I did it the hard way (the way I mentioned above) and it worked, but I just thought it could have been easier. 

I was worried that the bacon might be too stringy which will make it hard to bite down on the burger, but it was crispy after it cooked and it was perfect! I didn't keep track of how long the burger was on the grill for but I knew it was ready when I pressed down on the burger and it was firm. Another sign is if the cheese start to ooze out. It was still slightly pink on the inside which was perfect for me, but if you prefer your burger well done then just leave it on for a bit longer.

I topped it off with iceberg lettuce, caramelized onions, a little bit of mayo but no ketchup. Usually I cover my food in ketchup but not this time! It was too good!

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