Wednesday, 30 May 2012

DIY Cake Stands

These are things that I've always wanted but never could justify spending so much money for. Then I saw a post on Pinterest the other day and it was a cake stand made out of flower pots and base. Although I didn't want to make one out of flower pots per se, I realized that I could make it out of something.

I went to the dollar store and picked out a few things. Best 10 dollars I've ever spent. 

I wiped all the surfaces with rubbing alcohol then applied a thin layer of the super glue. After placing on the bottom/base, I weighed it down with books and left it alone for a few hours.

I mean, it's not the best, I know. But with what I had I think I did pretty well. At least I'll have something cute and presentable to serve my cakes on.

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