Monday, 26 March 2012

I Need Your Help With a MasterCard Project!!

An internship position has turned up with MasterCard and the task is to do an experiment for a "Cashless Future". I've got a few ideas and I'm prepared to make my first Youtube video to incorporate the Cashless Future idea. The content will be a secret for now but I need some help.

I want to know what a Cashless Future means to you. What would your life be like with only credit cards and no cash. To help you along, try to imagine your life right now with only cash and no credit cards. Tell me what you buy online and how you use your credit cards.

Please please pleaseeeeee help and comment below!

1 comment:

  1. NowI never use cash. My life revolves around my debit, and recently, my credit card. So a cashless future to me means faster money exchange,and more elaborate thievery.

    I can imagine this woman walking out ofmetro, having done her weekly shopping. She walks through the door, which automatically sense all the items she has bought and her mastercard, and just charge her.She doesnt have to even stop,no hassles. Just walks through a doorway and her purchases have been paid for.

    As she is walking home, two men dressed in black jump out of the bushes to attack her and steal her credit card, but she quickly bends her mastercard, sending a panick signal to mastercard head offices alerting them to a roberry in progress; hence keeping her money safe.