Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries- Valentine's Themed

I guess you could always call it "wedding themed", but since Valentine's day is coming up, it only makes since this way. Totally over glorified, it's not as hard as it looks. I dipped about 10 of them and used them on chocolate cupcakes. It was sorta my break from all the excel sheets I've been working on for a international finance course. Try juggling  500 different weekly "annual" rates in 3 different currencies. Does that even sound sane?

Anyways, the cupcakes were requested by girls from Vogue, a charity fashion show at Queen's. That will be another post...soon I hope.

I did 10 strawberries but I'm going to say 12 since it's a better number if you are planning to decorate cupcakes with them.

12 strawberries
8 oz of white chocolate
1 tbsp butter
6 oz of dark chocolate (70-75%)
2 tsp butter

Wash and dry the strawberries. 
Melt the chocolates with butter in relatively deep bowls.

To dip the tuxedos, dip the strawberries all the way around, covering all sides with a straight line at the top.

To dip the bride, do it side to side so you have a V-shape down the middle.

Once you have them all covered, let them dry a little before dipping in the dark chocolate. You may find that some the strawberries have the reds peaking through the white chocolate. I just double dipped in that case.

Dip the tuxedos again in the dark chocolate in the same side to side motion as the bride dresses.

Draw on little bow ties and buttons with a tooth pick. I used a chopstick but anything pointy would work.

Let them dry at room temperature then refrigerate if you are not going to use them right away.


  1. what did you use as the beads of the necklace on the brides? are they edible?

    1. yes,they are silver sugar balls. I bought my at bulkbarn which is a bulk food store. I know they sell them at candy stores as well.

    2. thanks for the reply annie!