Friday, 17 February 2012

Beef Wellington Appetizers

Me and Chris decided to stay home for valentine's day and make ourselves a romantic dinner. Since I love tackling those fancy dishes, I thought I could handle it. I wanted to make an entree sized beef wellington but Chris wanted to go all out and have tuna steak, so I had to make a tiny adjustment and make the beef into appetizers.

I wanted to be all fancy so I skipped my local super market and went to a butcher instead. It was an amazing piece of meat. I wanted tenderloin but he gave me a piece of thick flank. It tasted amazing nonetheless because it was so fresh.

Cut the beef into inch pieces. I measured it against my mini muffin tin because that's what I'm going to be baking it in. Season the pieces with salt and pepper, and brown them in a hot pan with some vegetable oil. I've had it with trying to fry things using olive oil, they don't get brown and the fire alarm goes screaming.

You want to sear it quickly so that the sides get brown but the inside is still rare. If you cook it too much at this point then it will over cook in the oven. That's Chris picking at the meat after they've been browned. "Oh look, this one is not a perfect square, can I eat it?"

Mean while, prepare the mushroom mixture. Finely chop 8 oz of cremini mushrooms and half an onion. Brown them in olive oil until they've gave up most of the moisture.

Using the same technique as the my tuna phyllo cups, brush the phyllo pastry with butter then layer another piece on top. Repeat with a third piece. Push them into the mini muffin pans.
Fill each cup with a little bit of the mushroom mixture and top it off with a piece of beef.

Brush the phyllo with a bit more butter and pinch the top together.

Bake in a 400 degrees oven for 15 minutes or until it gets golden brown.

I'll be posting the tuna steak in about a week. Going on a cruise tomorrow morning and won't get access to the internet for a while. Stay tuned for pictures of amazing cruise food!

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