Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Onion Rings

Its 12:30 am Thursday morning, Chris is playing this new video game, skyrim, and while waiting for him to finish and get ready for bed, I was watching cooking tutorials on food blogs. I came across a onion ring video and Chris peaked at my computer and said that he was hungry and wanted onion rings too. Since I had no better way of spending my time, I agreed to his request. It's not a hard recipe but like the chicken fingers, you need panko to make it amazing.

You'll need 2-3 onions and slice them 1/3 inch thick so that they get cooked all the way through.

Btw, Chris got me that knife this past weekend and finally I have a sharp knife! It's really a pain when you go to cut something but it's not the knife that's doing the cutting but your body force. He went home this weekend, I swear it's to get a break from me, but he came back with this nice surprise that made up for everything :)

Anyways, the recipe is adapted from Chef John's onion ring recipe. He called for instant mashed potatoes in his batter but I didn't have any so I just used flour and corn starch. Something else I didn't have was soda water so I used beer instead. I mean, what's pub food without some beer?

1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup corn starch
1 egg
1/3 cup beer

It's like a science experiment when you pour in the beer and everything bubbles up. Pretty cool for a midnight snack.

Get another pan ready and fill it with panko. You'll also want to heat up your oil to 350 degrees and keep it there.

Now to assemble, dip your rings into the batter, 4 or 5 at a time. Shake off the excess batter and toss in the bread crumbs. Immediately drop them into the hot oil for about 1-2 minutes or until golden brown. Pile them up high and sprinkle with lots of salt and pepper. If you think you've done enough, do a touch more.

I usually take my onion rings with honey mustard sauce. Once I was at A&W with Chris and his friend, Mike, and I had ordered the same thing: onion rings with honey mustard sauce. Mike looked at me weird and said that good onion rings don't require dipping sauces, especially A&W onion rings. I guess my point is that I didn't need dipping sauce with these onion rings tonight, so they must be good.


  1. As I was expecting - you don't have to be a 5-star catering company chef to make onion rings. Anyone with instructions and a working kitchen can pull this off very easily.

  2. Just about the only hiccup here would be your breath smelling of something awful afterwards. That still isn't enough reason to not live grub like this though.

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